Family and the Eucharist_XU Triduum Retreat 2011

I am so grateful I attended the Holy Week Triduum Retreat at Xavier University also known as sacred days at Xavier.  One of the many points that impacted me during those days of reflection is the one that I will share to you about Family and the Eucharist.

Monks have secrets worth knowing.  One of these is that a community sustains itself not primarily through novelty, titillation, and high emotion but through rhythm and routine, namely, through simple, predictable, ritual processes.  For example, a wise family will say to itself:  "We will all be home at regular times, we will eat together twice a day, and we will be together in the living room at least once a day even if it isn't exciting, even if real feelings aren't shared, even if some are bored, and even if some are protesting that this isn't worthwhile.  We will do this because, if we don't, we will soon fall apart as a family.  To stay together we need regular, straight-forward, predictable, daily rituals.  We need the manna of daily presence to each other.  Otherwise we'll die."
In the Eucharist, God sustains us in just this way.
-Fr. Ron Rolheiser

This reminds me of being together regularly with my family.  Giving time to them, spending moments to last a lifetime.  I need to do this to grow and to leave memories to my children.

This leaves me a question, "How am I going to be remembered by my children?"

2010 Aya's Summer Ballet Primary Culminating Activity_Video

2010 Aya's Summer Ballet Primary Culminating Activity_Video

Sharing with you the video of the culminating activity of Aya's summer ballet primary class.

Special thanks to my brother Basil who made Aya's ballet summer class a reality. Thank you so much bro.

Comet McNaught 2010 expected to pass closest to the sun

Comet McNaught 2010 on July 2 is expected to pass closest to the sun at a distance of 37 million miles. 

Comets brighten when they get nearer to the sun, because solar radiation boils icy particles and dust off the comet's nucleus. A cloud of material called a head, or coma, and sometimes a tail form. It's all illuminated by reflected sunlight.
The comet is named after the Australian astronomer Robert McNaught.  Be sure not to miss seeing this comet McNaught, as it is said to be visible to our naked eyes.  This is gonna be fun for star gazers, sky watchers and by standers.  Be aware of the sky, by middle of June the comet starts to shine.  Lets all observe what this comet Mcnaught looks like, this will be my first time to watch this comet.

Aya's 2010 Summer Ballet Primary Class

Aya and Katley on pose at the lobby before going to the ballet classroom.

Aya with classmates on the go at the ballet classroom.

Rehearsal break at Rodelsa Hall, Aya takes a moment to pose.

The Graduate.

The Cadelina-Pagolon family.

Celebration time.  Family fun time.  The moment.  The smile.

My kids.  The Cadelina-Pagolon kids.

 My inspiration.

PS. My gratitude to my brother Basil who made Aya's summer ballet primary class a reality.
Thanks so much brod!

My Wonderful Family Picture Taking_2010

Family pictures. Family fun day. My wonderful family.  It feels good capturing and remembering childhood memories of our children. Bonding time is fun time.  I'm always having fun with my family.

2010 Valentines Day with my Family

2010 Valentines Day with my family. Another family fun day. Everyday is a celebration of life, enjoy it.  Never miss a single opportunity having fun with your family.  The memories of joy and laughter should not be missed. 

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.
-Henry Drummond

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